About Us

Mala K. Tandon, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Tandon is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Mindful One. She has been in practice for over 20 years.  She works from a strengths-based perspective, based on empowerment and recognizing inner wisdom.  Her area of expertise is in treatment of trauma, specifically sexual abuse trauma. Integrating mindfulness in her clinical work is her passion. Dr. Tandon comes with an eclectic approach to therapy-integrating traditional therapeutic approaches with newest evidence based practices to bring insight and empowerment to clients. Her person-centered approach has a deep impact on various age groups and populations as well as treatment outcomes.

Dr. Tandon earned her doctorate degree from APA-accredited institution, The American School of Professional Psychology. She is passionate about cultivating mindful self-awareness and empathy in her supervisees and budding clinicians. Dr. Tandon offers Mindfulness groups for professionals and separately for clients. Her Mindful Parenting group has been sought out by far and wide. Her compassion and empowering approach is much appreciated by her clients, colleagues and supervisees equally.  Dr. Tandon’s passion for travel and curiosity to learn has inculcated a deep understanding of different cultures, reflecting in her work with clients.

Anita R. Trivedi, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychotherapist
Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Trivedi is a Post Doctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology. A practicing clinical psychotherapist for approximately 7 years, she earned her doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D.) from APA-accredited institution, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Trivedi specializes in a combination of therapy modalities (individual, couples, and group), and neuropsychological assessments.  Dr. Trivedi's clinical interests include mindfulness, trauma, bereavement, identity development, multicultural issues (i.e., acculturation, immigrant/refugee concerns), depression, anxiety,  and other mental health issues. She demonstrates exemplary skills in her ability to connect and work with diverse populations (age, demographics, ethnicity, race) while using a client-centered approach to facilitate awareness and insight in a compassionate manner.


Dr. Trivedi also oversees Mindful One’s Externship Training Program, where she teaches doctoral-level students in training, supporting them in developing their clinical skills and guiding them in their journey to becoming aspiring psychologists. Dr. Trivedi is currently working towards obtaining her licensure in the state of Virginia.

Mavis Y. McHenry, B.A.
Clinical Psychotherapist

Mavis Y. McHenry has been a counselor for eight years. Ms. McHenry attended Mansfield University of Pennsylvania where she earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology.  Subsequently, she earned a certification in Children's Mental Health at the University of Washington. Ms. McHenry has developed expertise in the emotional impact of child abuse and neglect, and has clinical interests in multicultural issues (systemic bias effect on mental health diagnosis), personality disorders, anxiety, phobias, and depression. Ms. McHenry's desire to heal the trauma experience and make a difference in the life of one individual at a time drives her commitment and passion to serve others.


Ms. McHenry believes in diversity and that the ability to learn and experience other cultures creates an environment of inclusion and acceptance. With this primary principal and basic understanding, Ms. McHenry has successfully engaged youth and adults in a meaningful therapeutic experience. Ms. McHenry's therapeutic approach is empowering individuals to discover the solution to life challenges through self introspection, clinical guidance, and self-care. 

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