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Mindful One LLC

Clinical Psychological Services

We offer various therapeutic interventions which include individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and group therapy.  Consult with our clinicians to determine what the best fit for you may be. 

Corporate Consultations

We offer clinical consultations at the corporate level to assist with management of interorganizational dynamics, workplace productivity, behavioral operations, and consultee-centered issues.

Our providers offer personally tailored evaluations to assess for a variety of mental health disorders to inform the best and most appropriate treatment for clients.  

Psychological Assessments
Our Mindful Approach

At Mindful One LLC, we strive to make each of our clients feel welcome and safe.  Our clinicians all have a strengths-based approach and recognize that a vital aspect of positive treatment outcomes is based off of established rapport and a strong therapeutic alliance.  Each of our clinicians come from unique backgrounds with an array of personal and professional experiences, and are cognizant, mindful, and proficient in working with individuals from various backgrounds.  

We aim to serve all individuals across the lifespan (ranging from children to the geriatric population) from diverse backgrounds.   We as human beings struggle to sit with discomfort, uncertainty, and uneasiness.  Our goal at Mindful One LLC is to help clients develop insight into the root of their distress and challenges and provide efficient ways to facilitate change to foster growth. We welcome each individual with compassion and care, making he or she feel safe, secure, and understood.

Mindful One Principles
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Mindful of Oneness

Mindful of Nurturance

Mindful of Equanimity

The Mindful Way

 A vision built on the foundation of diversity, compassion, insight, trust, and solutions, Mindful One LLC offers clinical psychological services using a person-centered, assimilative integrative approach in a nurturing and safe environment, to address the needs of each unique individual.  We strive to make each of our clients feel validated and secure, such that they feel comfortable enough to face their challenges and welcome the opportunity for growth by learning new skills of equanimity/balance. 

Our COVID-19 Policies

To our patients:


At this time, we no longer require clients to be vaccinated to be seen in-person. We do still closely monitor the number of cases within the region and may request clients be masked when coming to the office if needed to reduce risk.

If you feel sick or unwell, please do not come to our office. Notify the practice immediately and we will happily reschedule you.

Facilitating growth through hope, recovery, and wellness one step at a time.

Mindful One LLC

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